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My SIL did the duct tape thing.. lol.. it stopped the "art work" but the problems of anger ( which is why my Nephew was doing this) took some time.

I really believe that pooping is the one and only area kids have control of their lives. Some kids get really angry when we try to take control of that behavior!

My DD, at 3 climbed up on her bed to be eye-level with me, put her little fists on her hips, and shaking her finger at me said " I WON"T do poopos on the potty! I love my diaper and YOU CAN"T MAKE ME!!" I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.. But I told her she was right, that she could let me know when she was ready.

Three months later, she asked for Little Mermaid panties, and that was that. Not even a nighttime accident! Yes, she was 3 1/2, but she was ready... I think we have to respect their needs and not be on such a time-table...
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