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Hi, No, there is not alot written on fatty liver disease or really what it can be referred to is non alcoholic fatty liver disease. If there were medicines I could take to cure it I would but there is nothing. This conditions is seen frequently in people that drink and if they stop drinking the disease usually does not progress. But in my case it was a side effect of my surgery. Every couple of months I would get violently ill for maybe 12 hours for no reason and it would take about 3 days for the pain to go away in my upper right side after one of these attacks. I had no clue what was going on and I knew my gallbladder was fine. I had my doctor order an ultrasound of that region so I could see the situation. At this point I was almost convinced that either a tumor had grown back or they left a sponge in me from surgery and the doctor kept telling me it was nothing but probably just all my intestines still finding their way back into place. I was a nurse many years ago and I was not buying that line because if they were not back in place over a year later they were not going back at all. Sure enough there was now fat in the liver. Comparing the ultrasound and cat before surgery vs after surgery there was no fat pre. op. So now I research the new problem and it took me about 5 minutes to learn that fatty liver disease is very common after having major abdominal surgery especially after a significant weight loss from surgery. Bingo! I qualify for that one as they cut me from about 5 inches above my navel down to my pubic bone to get the tumors out so not only did I lose alot of weight on the table but as every organ was finding its way back into place for a couple of months I didn't feel much like eating after surgery either! I usually use the Mayo Clinic online health site to check on certain conditions for insurance and that's where I found the omega 3 and milk thistle. I have not had an espisode of being sick with wicked pain in the liver area since and having no pain in my joints was just a very pleasant unexpected benefit. I hope it works for your pain also!
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