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:p The students that are in the third period class under Mrs. Mccann (the teacher of my Intro. to Biology class) pitched in and bought a male hamster from Petsmart in Greeneville,NC. they also purchased him a cage, bag of hamster food, and his own water bottle. Third- period class decided to call him Carleton.
Being a hamster , however, he is nocturnal and wakes up once in a while during class. Next Monday, the teacher told me, they will buy another one. The second cage is already in the classroom. It is more fancy looking than Carleton's cage. The third period class
also bought two frogs that I think are exotic. The frogs are green
on the top-half of their bodies and orange- red on the bottom- half of their bodies, with light brownish- black blotches all over.
The frogs are fed insects once every 3 days(that includes crickets,
tiny black bugs that look like ****roaches, and grasshoppers).
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