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My children are 2 and 3 (soon to be 3 and 4), and I believe in leashes. I am an army brat and my parents were stationed in Italy when I was a child. My mother "leashed" me to keep me from running off or falling off a ledge that went 300 feet down. According to her, that leash saved my life and her sanity more than once. Anyway, while most of the time I can handle my "near twins" (15 mths between them) when they're father is deployed (as he is now) and I have to take them everywhere with me without their father's help, I use the leashes on them. On top of saving me embarrasing moments when my children don't listen and run away even when I say to come back, they have saved them from getting hurt or worse, even killed. i.e. trying to run into the street or away from me in a parking lot. I just have one thing to say to the critics and people who think that leashing your child is treating them like animals or a sign of an inattentive parent: better to have a leashed child than a dead child.

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