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Originally Posted by ajrsmom
I havent heard of this plan. Do you get a personal training session on DVD or how does this work? I would be interested in hearing more about this.
As for Curves, When I signed up, they did tell me to jump right in--after showing me how to use all of the equipment. You work at your own pace though. I had been doing stretching exercises and walking too before I decided to join. I wouldn't recommend jumping in "stiff" --at least do some stretching exercises for a week or so beforehand. JMO, Tami
I have a question about Curves as well How does signing up for Curves differ from a regular gym membership? Are there any extra features?

As for PUSH, it's an interesting idea for a workout program. You start by going to the website
and fill out some information about you current level of activity, your fitness goals, etc. Then you pick one of two personal trainers...I think one guy was is a trainer from the show The Biggest Loser and you select your first cardio session.

When the DVD arrives it has your cardio session, plus two personal training sessions. You do the first one for the first two weeks of the month and the second for the last two weeks. So it builds a program that you can work on. The part I like about having the personal trainer is that you have someone to walk you through the reps so you don't just give up when you're tired. And since I can do it at home it's pretty easy.

NEAVON12 - way to go on the pushups! They are tough!
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