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I had my heart set on the Hoover with the five rotating brushes for a very long time, but when I finally went to get one, and finding the brushes were so soft, I wondered if they rally would do a good job. I took time to look at the Bissell, and upon finding a stiffer-bristled roller brush thought that would do a better job, but wondered whether the roller would not do as well as the rotating bushes. Then, the longer I took looking at both I was so undecided, I kept going back and forth between them. I decided, finally, after 20 minutes of doing this, to try the Bissell. It cost $50.00 less than the Hoover. I would try it, and if I didn't care for it would return it for the Hoover. Well, I liked it so well, I am keeping it.

Back in 1971 I had bought a smaller, two-rotating-brush scrubber from Sears, with a dispenser, but nothing to suck up excess solution. It had two stiff brushes for bare floors, and two softer ones for carpeting. It did a fantastic job on the carpeting, and I used it for many years, then gave it to my daughter, who used it until the motor finally burned out. When I first had it I lived in a house with a basement which was tiled. It was used down there, too, but I had to mop up excess liquids. It did a good job on black heel marks, etc., and I loved it. It also had soft pads to attach for buffing waxed floors, so that was handy for the basement floor as well. The floor looked so good afterward.

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