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Freezer tips

Hi, Jo!

Welcome to the Organizing Forum - always nice to see a new face!

For freezers, the most efficient ones are the chest types. Hot air rises, and cold air falls, right? So, when you open a chest freezer, all the cold air stays down at the bottom. With an upright freezer, the cold air rushes out at the bottom when you open the door, causing the freezer to work hard to "get back up to speed" and stay at the proper temperature.

Unfortunately, with chest freezers you have to stack the food, making it harder to know how long something has been in there. It would help to keep some sort of list tacked to the freezer, and labels on the packages, so you know what needs to be used first.

I wanted an upright, but my husband said we needed a chest. A friend called and told us about a free upright, so we got that. :D But, it's really nice - when you open the main door, you see four smaller doors so each shelf is it's own compartment. Really holds the cold air in well!

Sorry I can't recommend any brands ... it's been awhile since we shopped for one. Be sure to notice the yellow tags on the appliances - the energy rating tags. You could probably find a back issue of a Consumer Reports magazine at your local library as well, to see which ones they recommend.

Let us know what you get!

Kelly H.
Kelly H.
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