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I'm glad to hear that the pool therapy is working for you. If you continue to get relief over a period of time, maybe you could describe the pool therapy in detail so that I could check with my dr. to see if something like that might be available for me. The reason I said over a period of time is because some things help for a little while, and then cease to be of benefit, as we all know. I've got my fingers crossed for you that this will continue to make you feel better and better.

Something really disappointing happened last week. In the newspaper they advertised an informational meeting about fms.
What it ended up to be was a sales pitch for some vitamins with one lady who said she had fibromyalgia and had been on the vitamins for 1 month and was more or less cured. The man in charge called fms the latest "fad" disease. My girlfriend saw me stiffen up and thought I was gonna let loose on him but I stood up and left the room. After sitting there for an hour it took all my will power to stand up and it took more will power not to go off on that man. And he kept insisting that fms was just inflamation. I did feel sorry for the other ladies sitting there if they really do have fibromyalgia. I didn't recognize any of them and I doubt that they would ever attend an informational meeting again. I won't unless the hospital is involved. Live and learn.

I had great hopes of accomplishing things today but all I managed to do was sleep. I guess I must have needed the rest. Maybe tomorrow will be better when it comes to energy. I've had two days of doing nothing to speak of. I guess if we would have gone camping this weekend I wouldn't have gotten anything done. Maybe mentally I've gone camping. Yeah, that sounds good. I've gone camping mentally.

And, yes, Val, tornado weather does wreck havic on my fms. That is probably why I was wiped yesterday and today. Tornado's scare me to pieces. I usually get in the stairway closet and try to get my 3 schnauzers in there with me. If they come in willingly, then I do get hysterical. We don't have a basement to go to or I'd be there. I can remember as a child getting under a big heavy dining room table. I kid everyone with I'll be under my computer desk, which is big and heavy, with my computer. They all know I'm in the stairway closet looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

I tried a chiropractor once but he wasn't informed on fms and he rubbed me the wrong way, pardon the pun, and I came flying off the table and never went back. Then I went to a massage therapist and she wasn't informed either and after going there for over a month twice a week, and feeling worse, I stopped that, too. Guess I'm just a woose. Maybe I just can't get through the painful stage to get to the yes, that feels better stage. I know we all have different thresholds for pain and the older I get, the thinner mine is.

Oh dear, I've rambled on and on. Hope everybody has a restfull evening. Gentle hugs.