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I think I was a melancholic choleric...........
I am very shy in person but only in groups, not one on one. I do love to plan parties though, my shyness disapears there. And I have given talks on infertility and can do so without getting TOO uncomfortable but typically am not a speak in public sorta person.
My husband is tons more shy than I am. Like today, all the demonstrators were marching by our house (I estimate about 5,000 participated) and I was out there waving my flag getting them to yell Si Se Puede.............and then was there when they got back form thier march downtown giving them high fives and saying good job!! Mark just sat in the back watching me and , well, he must think he has a crazy wife!! No, he already knows that, LOL!!
So...................I AM shy depending on the situation.

hugs, train
"I'd rather be riding the train"
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