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Hoovers are OK, any are just........

Hoovers with the 5 rotating brushes are fine. I have one and I love it. I have all carpeting in my house even in the kitchen, which takes quite a beating sometimes. When I am done it looks like new and stays that way for about 4 weeks believe it or not. This is what is important not just with a Hoover or Bissell or even the rug doctor to rent but all of them. I use very warm water, (some of the newer ones keep the water hot in the tank) and I take my time and keep going over until I see the water a little cleaner, which you can see coming in. Then this is the most important of any step you do. I RINSE, RINSE RINSE!! I rinse until the water is fairly clean. No carpet will stay clean with soap from the cleaner still in the carpet. Even though the cleaner sucks up the water it still leaves dirt and soap residue in the carpet. You will see that when you empty the pickup tank. Would you wash your clothes without rinsing them then spinning them out. No I hardly think so. Carpets are no different. Try this and you will see what I mean. Good Luck and enjoy clean carpets.

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