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Paying the Bills

Well, this isn't exactly the answer to your question, but...
I am a financial analysis, and the only thing I can say is hang in there until the opportunity arises. Keep searching for those opportunities.
However, sometimes it is hard to do that when you have no income... so, make your money work for you (better than you already do by being frugal - kudos!) and use a very simple plan sometimes called the snowball debt plan. You start with one debt, drop all of your other debts payments down to the bare minimum, and sock as much money as you can to that very first debt. It may take some time, but once it's paid off, you do not free u that money! Once the first debt is paid off, you roll what you were paying onto the next debt. Before you know it, your socking away tons of extra principal payments to your mortgage. Let's say you can put $100 onto your first debt. When that debt's paid, roll that $100 you were paying onto the $25 min. payment you are already paying on the second debt. When that is paid off, proceed to the third, right down to your mortgage.

Anyway, just some financial advice to help you hang in there until more money rolls along


BTW, my mom is in a similar circumstance. She is 43, and she sat down and thought about her hobbies. She enjoys decorating cakes, and she simply began a cake business. She had to make a few cakes for free (for birthday parties and stuff for kids for the neighborhood), but eventually her "business" has picked up. Now she is doing my best friend's wedding cake, and is getting paid $300 to do it. Just an FYI to get you thinking.. Use your skills right in your community. Obviously, it can work!

Take care.
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