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Family Goulash?

This is what I grew up knowing as goulash (sp?). I am almost 60 years old and I learned to make this from watching my grandmother make it. I can't give you any measurements, just the ingredients, since that is the way I make it.
Put ground beef in a skillet, when about half done add salt and pepper and chopped onion (I use lots, we love onion!!), salt & pepper, easy on these since you may have to adjust. When the meat is done and lightly browned I add chili powder and mix well, then pour in a quart or more tomatoes, depends on how much meat you have cooked, let come to a simmer then taste for your seasonings, I usually have to add more chili powder. I go more by how it smells than how it tastes, so you can adjust the chili powder to your family. I also use minced garlic in this, again it is used for your taste. I let this simmer while I am cooking up a pot of elbow macaroni. Drain the pasta and mix it with the sauce.
I could eat this every day if my DH didn't fuss.

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