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My version of goulash is pretty simple- just like the others listed. I brown a pound of ground beef, with some onion and garlic, salt and pepper. Add a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce (although, if I remember right, the goulash I had as a child always seemed to have extra "veggies" in- so you may want to go for the Chunky or Garden Style sauce). Add some cooked macaroni noodles- it was ALWAYS macaroni noodles!;-)
Prego makes a sauce that doesn't require cooking the noodles first. I think it's called "pasta bake sauce" (or something like that). To use this instead, just brown your ground beef, add the macaroni, sauce and one full jar of water. Then you finish it off in the oven.

My husband doesn't like to eat spaghetti (he says it's too much work!), but he always enjoys the goulash!

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