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Goulash Recipies

My wonderful Grandmother used to make goulash when I was little. That was the best part about going to her house (well, maybe not the best part). Every time we were there to visit, goulash was always requested and she was always more than happy to make it for us. After she passed away my Dad said that I should pass the goulash tradition on to my children and tell them how Grandma Belle used to make it for me when I was young. I made it alright and it didn't taste anything like hers. Why is it that even if you have the exact ingredients that someone used you can make it to taste the same?

Anyway, here is how my Grandma Belle made hers. It's very simple but it tasted wonderful.;-)

Grandma Belle's Goulash

Spagetti noodles (cooked)
Tomato sauce
Hamburger (cooked and crumbled)
Chopped Mushrooms (optional)

Simple but wonderful!!

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