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Morning ladies

It's Saturday morning around 9 am. I slept in this morn until 8. Now, of course, I hurt more than ever from laying down so long. Razzlefrats. Just can't win can we.

Yesterday it rained and stormed all day and we had tornado warnings. We had planned on going camping but..... I've been in a tent before when there were tornados all around us, but when we set up camp it was beautiful weather. We could go set up camp this morn but it seems like a waste of time since we'd have to take it back down tomorrow night.

Since I had the day off work yesterday and couldn't go sit up camp, I goofed off all day. The only thing I got done was the dishes. I suppose today I should endeaver to get a few more mundane chores out of the way.

I've been using the thermalcare therapeutic heat wraps on my back when I'm at work. Don't know that they are helping any with the pain but the office is usually chilly so at least they help keep me warm. Thursday I tried one of the smaller ones on the back of my neck and that did seem to help my neck a little. I hate it when I turn my head and all I hear is cracking noises. It is so painful to turn my head that I try not to. That probably makes it stiffer.

Anyway, it's a beautiful sun shinning day today so I'm going to try to get some things done around here. Hope everyone is having a good day. Gentle hugs.