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Hi Everyone-

I'm new to this thread, sounds like everybody is doing great. I have been seriously dieting since June when I found out I was diabetic. Strange but at the same time my husband had decided he really needed to loose weight, had sleep apnea, dizziness, couldn't get around without shortness of breath he was 421 lbs. and went to a medically supervised weight loss clinic where he went on Optifast-you don't eat food, period. He changed to 200 cal a day after a few weeks because he was so grumpy and life got alot better. We have been dieting and doing things together outside the house to get away from the TV and all those fast food commercials, you really notice them when your not allowed to have them. So far with me just dieting normally I've lost 25 lbs. and hubby has lost 100 as of today I need to lose another 80 lbs. he needs to lose at least another 70 lbs. so we have a ways to go yet but since we have started loosing the weight we have more energy and are able to go farther- we walk in the parks, in the mall, go fishing and just try to stay occupied instead of being couch potatoes. I'm glad to find others who are in the same boat as us.

Have a good weekend ladies and good luck

Anna In Ohio

Go Bucks

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