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Janet, I'm not sure how old you are, but I think I told you about all my woes before I had my hysterectomy done. (I'm 45.)

I'm just "graduating" from my hematologist's care...I expect my December visit will be my last one. You may want to get evaluated by a hematologist with your anemia, especially if it's because of your heavy periods.
Even though my hematocrit and hemaglobin wan't very abnormal, my platelets were a litle elevated (400-700) and I was diagnosed with very very low ferritin levels...the ( I forget the name of the cells... baby red cells, starts with an"E" ) were basically bone marrow ran out of iron stores so they had stopped producing new red cells, and every time I was getting a period, I was getting worse and worse.

So I'd been taking iron 4 times a day for 8 months, ... and I'm doing OK. As a matter of fact, I'm taking it 2X a day now. Maybe that's what you need to have looked into. As a "blood person" you would know more about this than I would<?>.

Also review with your doc or pharmacist WHEN during the day you should take your meds. I found out that I was taking one of my headache meds in the morning, that I should have been taking at bedtime, and it did improve my sleep! Just that simple. I also split another one into two smaller doses one AM and one PM, and that seemed to help not wire me up at night.

And above all else GET YOUR FLU SHOTS THIS YEAR! Last year my doctor's office ran out 3 times because of the anthrax scares, and every damn fool getting in there insisting on a flu vaccine. It really made me soo angry. I ended up with the flu because I couldn't get a flu shot. I was so angry that the staff wouldn't save one for me with my asthma and fibro history. Anyway that was just a personal rant ;-) .

I hope you do feel better soon, Janet. Michigan can get awful cold in the winter, and I hear El Nino has a nasty one in store for us.