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I think this is how she did it. When she makes it, she makes alot because her husbands business is in thier backyard and all the employee's raid her refigerator. She must feed the masses!

5 lbs hamburger
large box of shell noodles
1 onion
fresh garlic
1 cup butter
2 large cans stewed tomatoes

Boil noodles as you brown the hamburger and onions and diced garlic. Drain juice from canned tomatoes and squish tomatoes (thats the fun part! ) Drain noodles and rinse. Drain grease from hamburger. It a large pot put tomatoes that you squished with only that juice, hamburger, noodles, butter, salt, pepper. Warm it all together. It's Great.

I am sorry if this is not an official looking recipe. I am not much of a cook myself so I just am calling it as I saw her cook it. Hope I didn't miss anything. I will call her and make sure that this is right. I wouldn't want to mess up her Godlash!!

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