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As far as meds go, there are also programs sponsored by the drug companies for people who can't afford the meds. I'll have to search for the web sites. I think it's Try that. Maybe yourdoctor could help you apply for that, and If not, then if he/she requested samples regularly, there'd be enough for you on a regular basis till you're back on your feet financially. '

Just ask the doc. You have nothing to loose.


Well ladies, I had my first physical therapy session in the pool today. It was easier than moving around on dry land, but I know I'm going to be one sore puppy tonight. It's the most activity I've had in a solid month.

The therapist was very nice. I think we'll get along fine, except that I can't remember her name! She is from Russia, and she repeated her name 3 times and I still could not get my poor brain to wrap around the unfamiliar sound. So I finally just gave up and smiled a "nice to meet you" greeting.

It's the fibro...I'm usually very good with accents and names.

Anyway, I'm struggling to stay awake here. I have strep throat, and I want a little TLC and can't wait for bedtime.ZzzzZzzz.

Catch ya later~

Val ( I'm napping behind those shades)