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Stitcher45, So sorry that you are in pain too...and the stress of not having enough money...I have been there too! Can you get samples from your Doctor? Just tell them your budget is tight.

Sounds like we are in the same boat with this sleeping I just go to bed whenever I am sleepy. I have had another night with almost 4 hours of sleep, if something wakes me up..that's it..I am up! Hate that!!! Beig exhausted is such a pain...I canceled out of my luncheon meeting..I just feel fried! So tired and brain is fried! lol

Yeah, my dog keeps me busy when she bolts away..she wants you to chase her...then she stops for you to catch up and runs again...what a habit to break..especially when she will only come to me. My neighbors must think I never get dressed...I am always in pj's.

Going to head back to bed. Don't worry about your will keep till you feel better. Take Care.