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Thanks to all opinions on child leashes! I don't believe in using them, but my 4 year old ran off today for the 4th time! I'm a very attentive mom, hovering often. My son is so good about staying by me, then all of the sudden he feels independent and sure about where he's going and goes in an instant. I can't stare at him constantly. I was giving my 8 year old a kiss and assumed my 4 year old was still with me, he went to sit with grandma. I had the whole building looking for him and didn't dawn on me that he would return to grandma since we had said our good-byes. We're going to downtown S.F. in a couple of weeks then Disneyland this summer, just me and the two kids (husband is in conferences all day) I don't want to get a leash, and I don't want to cancel trips for fear of loosing him. Needless to say, my confidence is down. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Any advise is appreciated. P.S. my husband just wants us to stay home all the time and not risk loosing Matthew. Maybe it is a stage that we need to wait out???
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