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Janet I was diagnosed in 1986. My was a constant fight between my family doctor and my rheum-- until I just quit going to the Rheum. I just suffered quietly and carried on as best I could. Then 2 years ago I was sent to the Pain clinic for the pain in my knees and back from "arthur" and while there they again diagnosed me with fibro. They started me on Vioxx and another drug - I had a reaction to the other drug so we decided to just stick with the Vioxx. It helps but I ran out of it a couple months ago and haven't had the money to pay the co-pay to get it refilled. That is one reason why I am suffering so right now along with the great stress I am under with money and family problems.

I have not slept at all last night. Don't know wheither to just try and stay awake or to go to bed now that everyone is gone. Staying awake all day does not seem to make a difference on wheither I sleep that night or not. It is raining so I know I would go to sleep but probably would only sleep a short time. There are so many things I need to get done, esp the kitchen and the dishes. Need to clean the bathroom too -I have put off cleaning the bathtub for weeks now - it hurts to bend over the side and to reach across and scrub.

I hope you are doing better today. That you have a pain free day with sunshine and fun.

btw I loved the discription of chasing you dog with the clisker and the hot dog. I had a good laugh over it. ;-)


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