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Natalie, men can be so stubborn at times!!! Even my DH wouldn't admit after our son died that he was feeling depressed!!! He did talk to our doctor about it (finally!!) and was put on meds but to this day won't admit that he was depressed!!! It's like Sandy said, almost like it is showing them as weak!!

That was a good suggestion for maybe a minister for him to talk with. I think if he ever found a counselor or doctor he could relate to, it would make a big difference and he would be more agreeable to counseling. With his past record of taking meds, he would need to take all meds as prescribed or they will not help.

If the minister thing doesn't work out, perhaps you could talk with a counselor (if you have one) and get started that way. Or perhaps they would give you some insight into how best to get him in there!! Let us know how it turns out!! Good luck!! Kathy
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