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Originally Posted by Linda Lou
I take metformin, eat right, and walk on the treadmill. Still need to lose 60 lb. !! I am not stressing over it, though, just do my best and do what I am supposed to do.
Linda Lou, Looks like you are right on track doing a good job. My DS is using Cymbalta for his neuropathy it is also a good antidepressant. It helps alleviate the pain so you can sleep.

The Doctor started me on metformin too but brought my sugar down to low was always dizzy. The only good that came out of it was losing twenty pounds the first month. After taking a blood sugar test the results showed how low I had gone down for the three months. Now I just watch what I eat but did gain back the weight. I am almost tempted to use it again just to lose the belly fat. Everything you take works on your liver which makes me nervous.
Eat plenty of fiber & drink water to keep your kidneys healthy.
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