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Are you ladies diabetics? I found out 5 months ago that I am. I am sure I was diabetic long before, but my doctor did not link my obvious symptoms to diabetes. I had many symptoms and he kept saying it was other things. I have a family history of diabetes. My grandpa died in his 50's due to diabetes.
So, I basically self diagnosed myself. When I got my doctor to test me, I was over 325 ! My A1c was 12.
After 3 months, I got it down to 7.7. I am sure this month when I get another test done it will be 6 something.
I have to find a new doctor first to get the test done. I will not go back to the other doctor.
I have lost about 25 lb. so far. Slow going, but I have to stick to my diabetic diet. I sure can't skip meals or snacks or cut down too much on the carbs or I feel ill.
I find I have to eat a snack every 2 hours and meals are every 4 hours. I stay on a schedule. I keep granola bars and things in the car and in my purse.
My 14 day average is 122, I think. Amazing what a difference in less than six months.
I know thare are some ladies on FC that are diabetic. Let's chat.
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