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I have never been diagnosed with Fibromyaglia but I don't know if the term was around when I was sick. This was 20 years or so ago. The symptoms are very similar, however. I was always tired and felt like I had the flu all the time. At the time people were being diagnosed with Candida, which I am guessing is what the yeast diet handles. I was taken off white sugar (for whatever reason I could tolerate bread) and put on supplements and I have never looked back. It was not easy at first but neither was being sick all the time and now it is just second nature to me. Within a few weeks I felt better than I ever had. The aching was gone and I had so much more energy. I can always tell when I accidently get something with sugar in it because the aching comes right back. I'd hate to think what shape I'd be in now if I hadn't listened to my dr. I'm a true believer in finding the cause, if at all possible, instead of handling the symptoms, especially in this "take a pill and fix it" world. It seems easier to just take some drug, but it the long run the complications just aren't worth it!