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I've spent alot of time reading all 8 pages of everyone's messages here. I've learned alot and found it really interesting. Everyone is so open about their situations and I really appreciate that. I'm not suffering from depression but I feel that my husband is and I would like to help him. He is 33 and we have one 4 yr old child. Although I think he probably recognizes that he has a problem, he probably also feels that he's always been this way and doesn't think it's anything that he needs to see a doctor about. He hates therapists. He was always in trouble growing up because of his bad family life and had to deal with alot of therapists that really didn't understand. He was in a foster home and in the care of the state and lived with his grandparents for a while etc. He didn't have drug or alcohol problems back then just anger management problems. He's had other bad experiences like one time when he was given the wrong medication in a care facility and it made him super aggressive and took all the hospital staff to get him under control. They had to put him in a straight jacket. He doesn't like to take pills, even something like aspirin and never seems to completely take his entire prescription when he's been ill. He angers easily, bitches constantly, seems edgy and irritable alot. He's not the type to sit around and just relax. He's very hyperactive and also has a problem completing projects. What can I do to convince him to talk to someone? Any suggestions or advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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