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Originally Posted by bligde
Hi there I have noticed that the entire problem here is about how to loose weight.....! My problem is something different maybe you will all laugh about this,...... but it's true! I want to gain weight I am 22 years old and only has a 100lbs in weight some says that I look sexy! But I wanted to gain some weight! Anyone can help? What should I eat?
bligde ....Welcome to FC. I always had a weight problem when I was younger never went over 100 pounds either. After I had my son the weight started coming on slowly. I always was a big eater but was very active burned it up. Sitting and enjoying your food is a big plus. They say bananas help put weight on. Do you cook for yourself. Try and eat more of the foods you love for extra calories. I am sure you like ice cream eat a dish of that every day.

How tall are you? Height means alot when gaining weight. True thin people do look sexier in clothes.
You will find you have more energy when you are thinner so don't worry.
Keep a record of how many calories you eat each day on a journal here. Maybe we can see what you are doing wrong.
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