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Welcome to FC ghc630! I too used to think I was alone. I remember when eating disorders became the thing in psychology. When a person is very underweight, they assume you have an eating disorder. I got so tired of hearing, "You need to eat." (I ate all the time, non-stop!) "You're too skinny." (I would never be so rude as to go to a person who is overweight and tell them they are fat!) So, take comfort in that there are many others who are very thin and no matter what they eat, they cannot seem to gain weight.

Good luck with the gaining. If you are like me, you'll have a celebration when you hit 3 digits on the scales!

BTW, check out some other sites around here. There are so many friendly people here! One great place is the Friendship Flower Thread:

and the Introduce yourself:

I hope to see you around!
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