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It was a beautiful day today

The weather today was just perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. It's 65 degrees right now and the deck door is open and I can hear the crickets. The sun was shinning. Just perfect. I hope this weather holds for this weekend. Gonna go camping. Gonna sit around a campfire and talk. Gonna read books. Gonna relax and not answer the phone. Gonna goof off. Where we are going camping is only about 10 miles from here so no long car ride. Gonna put up the hammock and swing and read and swing and read and then take a nap.

Two of my kittens snuck in the house tonight when I was taking the food out. One is totally white, Snowball, and the other is black with calico markings, Taz. Hubby worked over tonight so he is too tired to catch them and throw them out. Tehehehe I'm worse than a little kid that just stole a cookie from the cookie jar.

Had a ball with Tyler and Taylor over the weekend. They were no trouble at all. Yes, Maureen, they are better for me than all the medicine in the world.

Here's hoping everybody else had a beautiful sunshinny day. Gentle hugs all round.
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