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Just an update for those of you following along and praying for my family. Looks as though divorce is the final decision. My husband missed yet another counseling session and he said it just was not working (even though he attended only one session) He has not made any attempts to see me or our daughter so in my eyes he is done. I told him we can not make it work if he is never around and will not attend counseling. He said counseling will not fix this.

So I have made the hard decision to move on. I can not subject myself and my daughter to constant fighting and selfishness.

If he really wanted it to work he would at least try. I feel as though he just said he would attend counseling to buy him some time before the courts make him pay.

I hate it has come to this but my counselor has let me know I have not failed but have lost. I am now working with couselor to make sure if and when I find love again I do not repeat my life long pattern of men.

THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS AND KIND WORDS. Guess I will be joining the single parents board! lol
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