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Hi Barbar

I was a GS leader for ten years, then worked for our GS council for five more, and I was a scout myself for ten years as a girl.

It's great that you are getting involved in your gd's brownie troop.. My advice is just be helpful in whatever ways interest you, and don't feel pressured to take on any more than you are happy with. Be sure you feel comfortable saying "No, sorry I can't help with that" ..

You know any volunteer organization needs new blood, they really do.. but up here in my council, they can smell new blood coming like sharks in a feeding frenzy! lolol So you have to set limits or you'll end up resentful, and your gd will have no fun.

So... Go to meetings, learn all the songs and the GS ways. Share whatever talents you might have.. (the hand book has a lot of badges the girls can do, and maybe you'd like to help with one of those where your strengths are) .. but never feel guilty if you need to set limits or say no to something. I know how full a plate you have.. I hope you and your girl have a lot of fun~
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