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i too shop biweekly actullay the fistt of the month i shop once big but my wal_mart stuff on way home from work on friday thats my household items i buy in bulk it lasts most hte month i ge the 24 rolls of tissue 6 or 8 pack paper towels shampoo conditioner 2 bottles washing liquid 1 large bottle dishliquid cleaneres that i need i buy when i run out about 2 months i do buy iif a store runs my rpoduct on sale i pick up a cuople use cuopons too. then on saturday morning i go early to beat the crowds leave kids home if possible use family or friends to sit older kids can stay home i keep list of fridge and write things down as i get low i never run out of anything if i get half a bottlew i put on list things i use a lot i buy when i get to one in pantrythe foirst trip at the first of month i usully spend 200 for me and daoughter then the biweekly check i replenish out items or something we just want and get sodas and her lunch stuff and snack stuff usuallyless than 25-50 depending if we are having a special event or something or a store runs a sale i wan to stock up on this worksd for me cuz i hate goin to sotres and saturdays and sundays ae my days to clean and enjoy myself my sotre trip usaully take abotut 1-2 hours and an hour too put away i buyin bulk and seperate meats into portions hope this helps!!
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