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Originally Posted by ellenmelon
yes, my dh made a lightning bug attractor, he made an LED flasher at some of the posted frequencies to see if he could call in lightning bugs...then he showed us how to spot the glowing larvae on hikes and in the lawn...I can still smell the evening dew of lightning bug catching evenings from my youth, too.

I thought saying Pee-ay was normal!

We live near Pee-ay Furnace in Pee-ay! When I mail order I get all kinds of questions about the town's name.

I remember catching lighting bugs in baby food jars where my Dad had punched holes in the lid--they still died. My kids learned to catch them this past summer but we bought Dollar store containers that were made out of netting. We made them let them go before they died too. ( Does that mean we are adults now? )

I still say Pee-ay....always have, always will. I've even started saying NC ( say the names of the letters).

Thanks for telling me what Scrapple is. Sounds strange but I would probably try it. I like fried Mush.

OMG, One of my husband's co-workers ate banana and mayo sandwiches for lunch last night! I can't even imagine those 2 tastes together!! He said that there was a group of guys that said that those sands. are so good! Then again, they think that he is prissy because he eats bagels ( and doesnt really like biscuits)

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