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Stitcher45, there is one more ren faire, next weekend around Dayton, Ohio, but because the son in law just got a new job, we won't be going. We have decided to go camping instead and relax around a campfire which is a very enjoyable thing for me to do, too. Then, the following week end is the Pioneer Festival which has all sorts of historic events going on. Again, history. Did I say I'm into genealogy, too?

Oh Maureen, that was a wonderful treat for hubby and boys, wasn't it? And you have it well documented. I bet the boys will remember your friend for the rest of their lives. How exciting. Next year, if you are able to make the trip back, I'm sure the boys will want to go to the airport and see the planes and George. They will probably pester you until they get to go.

I got an unexpected treat this weekend. My oldest grandson and 2nd oldest granddaughter got to stay with me because their mom was sick and couldn't have her weekend visit with them. Way cool for me. Did I ever mention how much I love my grandkids?

Gotta go play now. Everybody take care. Gentle hugs all around.
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