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First off, welcome. Whether you are diagnosed with fibro or not, you are welcome to come here and we will offer sympathy and support like the other ladies said. I also agree with them when they tell you to go see a rheumatoligist. Mine only got to the 6th trigger point and said that's enough, I'm not going to put you through any more torture. This disease can seem to go into remission, days at a time when you feel better, but it always comes back with a vengence. In the beginning, I don't remember being so exhausted, I wish there was a word I could think of that means more than exhausted. I think as time went on and my sleep was interrupted more, then came the day after day of total exhaustion. But of course I could be wrong, because I have so little memory anymore.

Stitcher 45, I forgot about the pillow under the hips. We do that too. Duh. I'm sorry you and your hubby don't snuggle. My hubby will wait for me to make an initiative for sex. That's how we handled my disease. That way he knows I feel like it will be an enjoyable activity for both of us. If we don't complete the act, at least we have a lot of skin contact and everybody has to have a certain amount of that to remain feeling like a human being.

Now, I have a question for everyone. Several times, over the years, when I wake up in the morning it's like I am paralized from the chest down. I can't get out of bed. Then, when I finally do, the pain is so bad I'm sorry I even tried to get up. It happened again this morning and the pain was so great that I cried. I have uped my medication so do you suppose it's from sleeping too soundly in 1 position? I know I wake up at least a dozen times a night and have to move because I'm so sore. I figured it might be caused by sleeping too much in 1 postion.

Blessings and gentle hugs to one and all. I've gotta go play with grandkids.