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Barbar - I know she will enjoy it. First thing you have to do is throw out all the Boy Scout ideas as GS is run entirely different, it does not have the same structure.

The leaders of your Troop, right now Brownie will decide how each meeting is run and how many Try-Its they will earn. If the leader is very energetic you may do a lot of activities. The first graders usually do a lot of crafts. She should also have an investiture ceremony.

I don't know if they wear the vest or the sash there. If it is the vest be sure to buy it big so it will last thru the Third Grade. Also the bigger ones have more room for the patches. The patches will be earned at the Activities the Troop or Individual girl attends.

I am a co-leader of our troop so feel free to ask any specific questions. Your dgd can also email and ask my dd any questions she wants to.
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