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Flight Certificate


Yes, that was a day to remember. Hubby was just as excited and thrilled about the experience as the boys were. They talked about it for days and days and I know it was the best day for them out of the two weeks there. Fortunatley, I brought my camera and took a picture of each of them sitting in the ****pit next to George. They looked so cool with their headphones on. Oh, and I just remembered a funny detail. I had to go into the hangar and look for some cushions to boost Gavin up (he's nearly 11 yrs old but small for his age) so he could see properly! Also, George did a really neat thing for the boys. He has official certificates that he filled out and signed for them to keep. They are titiled "Eagle Flight Certificate" and he filled in my sons names on one each. after the name, it reads: "has experienced the true adventure of flight, entitiling him/her to become a member of Eagle Flight. This name has been permanently placed in the "World's Largest Logbook" at the EAA Air Adventure Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin." The date and name of aircraft and location are filled in after that by George. He signed it at the bottom where it states Pilot's Signature and it was already signed by Chuck Yeager, Honorary Chairman. Cool, huh? That's not all. George told us to check the website after a week or so and their names would appear in the logbook on the site. (it takes a while to be processed and entered in the system) Anyway, we checked when we got back to England and they are on it! Needless, to say, the boys are thrilled.

They couldn't wait to tell their friends when they went back to school. The nice thing is that they have proof with the photos, the certificates and the entry on the website. We are so grateful to my family friend, George. What a guy! A real friend, indeed!!

Linda, I knew how much this meant to them and that they would probably enjoy it (or so I hoped!) so I made sure they didn't see how terrified I was for them. It helped that I trusted George. He's a very experienced pilot. I thought of another thing. He always goes through a c hecklist before he flies (as all pilots do) and he waited until we got there so he could go through the whole checklist with my hubby and the boys. He showed them every step he does.(checking the oil, checking the tires, checking the wing flaps are working, making sure the nuts and bolts are tight, etc.) A real lesson for them and I have to admit | was learning with them as well. He made me feel better about letting them go. I smiled even though I was worried. I did pace back and forth by the hangar but mostly I tried to focus on how much fun they were having. I got to chat with other pilots in the hangar as well so it was a fun day for me too! I'm glad I haven't passed on my fear to my sons. They tried to persuade me to go but didn't pressure me too much.
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