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Good evening friends.

It has been a long time since I have been on here and posted. I have come and read posts but just don't feel like typing one myself. My hands are a little better tonight so I will reply to a few things that have been posted in the last couple days.

First Val I experience the same thing every time that DH and I have sex. I suffer for days after. He never can understand why I don't want to be romanic very often. We might hae relations a couple times a year. He doesn't even approach me any more. We hardly ever even snuggle. :mad:

I think you should talk to your husband first. Explain what you had happen and let him know you want to see if you can get some help. Maybe he would even go with you to your doctor. Youshould not be embrassed about the situtation. It is part of life and I am sure that you are not the first patient who has had this problem. Do you have just a family doctor or do you also have a gyn? The gyn might have more answers for you. One thing that we have tried is for me to put a pillow under my hips - it just changes things enought to take some of the pressure off.

Hey all you ladies. I am so grateful that we can talk about intimate things here. I know that my fribo has changed so many things in my marriage and I wish I had had someone to talk about share them with. May be they wouldn't have done the damage to mmy marriage that they have. If I can help just one of you to avoid those situtations I will feel like I have opened a door on this ridiculous disease!

Juliebell I would advise you to see an rheumatologist and not try to make your symptoms fit a diagnose yourself. It takes someone who can loook at what is happening to your body and has lots of knowledge about diseases to decide what explains your symptoms. Please put yourself in the hands of someone who knows and don't try to figure it out yourself. You will be so much better off. (Yes I am in My mothering mode )

I won't try to go back and reply to everyones posts but know that I learned some interesting things by reading the last 4 pages of posts. lol hahahahah You are a great bunch of friends. I am so glad that I found you.


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