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You were reading my mind...I just looked on here today to see if anybody had mentioned this disease. I have not been diagnosed and have not really thought about it until I was looking online trying to find some answers to my constant muscle aches, headaches, etc. I did want to know which doctors you went to in order to be diagnosed....i cant' imagine that the doc I see right now would check me for it- I'll find someone else! Have any of you had menstrual problems that come with the disease? I have had messed up periods since soon after my son was born (by c-section, 2nd one). I have been tested for all the normal things including thyroid, and of course I'm "normal"- so why do I go 4 months without a period? I am almost 37 and have had this problem since I was 33. I have also had weight gain, without much success trying to lose...again, nothing medically "wrong" with me according to the docs, just slower metabolism. I've been very frustrated!
BUT, I have not had problems with fatigue other than what I would assume is normal for a working mother of two young children. I wake up sleepy, but do ok as long as I have some coffee!I have had quite a bit of trouble with word recall, just really started noticing it in the last year or so. I was amazed when I started looking at the list of symptoms for this and saw so many of the things that I was experiencing. What do you think?