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How to get them to just pick up....

Okay I'm back at it again. HELP! I have 2 soon to be step-kids (Ages 9 and 11). I am marrying their father. We have them every other weekend and every Wednesday. I do not agree with allowing them to sleep in the living room. One on couch and the other on the floor. His 9 year old is a girl. She is scared of her own shadow and if it's even brought up to sleep upstairs in a bed provided for them, she starts crying. She is afraid. So my fiance allows his kids to sleep in the living room. They DO NOT pick up after themselves in the morning. Pillows, blankets, and dirty clothes is what I have to see. I feel that a 9 and 11 year old should pick up after themselves. I feel like telling them if they want to continue sleeping in the living room that they HAVE to pick up or else..they will have to sleep upstairs. My fiance thinks it's too harsh and they are just kids. I do not live in the household but will soon and I can't keep picking up after them. My fiance continues to tell me that I am over reacting and it's hard enough just to get them up, brushed, and clothed in the morning. I told him to have them go to bed earlier and wake up in enough time to pick up their mess. But he thinks I am wrong. What should I do?
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