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I'm back hehehehehe

My daughter has my puter set up to do it's weekly cleaning starting at 5:30 P.M. then she comes over at 6 P.M. to do whatever has to be done to maintain the puter. It's all greek to me. I just know enough to be a nusiance. All week I mess things up and then she comes in on Friday night and fixes it for me with very little "Mom, I wish you wouldn't do this, or I wish you wouldn't do that." lol She's a peach of a daughter and I am so blest she is my daughter.

I am a very lucky woman. I love my children and I like my children. I think they are wonderful. Now words can't express my grandkids. They are the absolute best. My husband is my best friend. I have a puter to play on and to talk to people. I have my dogs and cats. Mercy, do I have cats. A few times a year I get to go to Ren Festivals. We live in a sleepy little town and at night when I open the deck door I can hear the crickets chirping. The weather has cooled down and it is wonderful to let the fresh air in. Once in a while I can still get on our Honda Aspencade and shut the whole world out. When we are on the motorcycle, its just hubby and me. We are in our own little world. The wonderful thing about a cycle is that you can see everything. You don't have anything getting in the way of your viewing pleasure.

Guess what? I can now raise my arm above my head without pain. Way cool, huh? The nurse told me to relax my arm before she gave me the pnemonia shot and I just laughed at her. I couldn't relax anything with that needle coming at me. I am as terrified by needles as I am about heights. Yes, I am feeling less pain and sleeping better with the added medication. That really stinks, tho, to have to be medicated so much but that is my life now and I just have to accept it. I suppose I could just stop taking all that stuff and see what happened. Naugh, I'm not that brave.

You ought to save your post about the boys and their airplane ride and give it to them when they grow up. I wish I had kept fun diaries for my kids to help trigger fond memories. Maybe I could start something like that for my grandkids. Whoa, I think I had an idea. I'd better write it down before I forget it again.

OK, guess I'm about all talked out tonight. About time, huh? Everybody take care. Here is a gentle hug and a big smile from a little ol' lady.
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