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Flying lessons

Sunshine, From your post about the flying lessons, I felt if I were there. If it would have been me and my kids I would have been white as a sheet and upchucking in the bushes. You are one brave lady what with being terrified of heights. I'm terrified of heights, too. I go all white and weak kneed. What a wonderful experience for your hubby and sons tho. The boys will be talking about that for some time I imagine. I can just see the other kids faces when they tell them that they got to take over the controls of a plane. The really cool thing is that you have managed not to pass on your fear of heights to them. They may sense it terrifies you but they see you do it. That is a great example for the boys to not let fear stop you if there is something you want to accomplish. Of course being afraid of heights we'd rather see them accomplish it on the ground.

Oh, fudge, my puter is doing its weekly clean up. Gotta sign off for now. I'll get back on later and finish my chat. Take care.
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