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You ladies of the MIdwest are the best!

To Cheryl, Sandy, and Linda,

This is a message of thanks for your friendship. I'm overwhemlmed by your kind words about missing me and flattered that you seem to think you need me to keep this thread going. I don't deserve such praise. You ladies underestimate yourselves!!

Linda: I'm so sorry to hear about your exhaustion, stress and cramps. How awful for you. I hope the increased dosages of muscle relaxants and prozac will help you feel better soon. Is your arm less painful now after that pneumonia shot? Have you had the fasting blood test yet? I hope you feel better very soon. I'm thrilled to hear that both your son and son-in-law have found jobs. That's wonderful news! I felt the happiness bouncing from your words! I love your attitude toward life. You always see the bright side to everything.

You were so right about my "mixed emotions" about getting back and also about not wanting to post if there isn't any happiness to share. I felt depressed and even more homesick as soon as we got back to England but I sure feel ashamed after reading your post and Sandy's. You ladies have REAL stress and health problems to deal with. Thanks for putting everything into perspective for me.

Our trip home was quiet and uneventful hence my short posting upon my return. We spent most of the time visiting family and friends. We also went shopping and ate out A LOT. I gained 4 pounds! The boys got spoiled rotten by all the relatives. They had a fun day out fishing which they loved and they also went bowling and to movies.

The highlight of the trip for my hubby and the boys was a day at a small airport where a family friend, George, keeps his small (2 seater!) airplane. It was a bright, sunny day-perfect flying weather. My hubby went for a ride first (the boys voted he should go first and they would decide if they wanted to after they saw his face when he got down! LOL) and he LOVED it! The plane has dual controls so he got a turn at flying and now he has decided he wants to get his pilots licence!

The boys were next. My youngest, Gavin, was a bit afraid so he made sure his older brother went next. Stuart climbed into the ****pit with a big grin and off they went. When they landed, Stuart was looking very happy and proud of himself. Apparently, George let him take the controls for a short time too! Wow! I was impressed. We all were. Stuart also decided he wants to take flying lessons!

Gavin was next. He looked a bit apprehensive and I wondered if he might change his mind but he bravely climbed into the ****pit nest to George. He looked excited and worried at the same time. They took off and I paced back and forth nervously. I just hoped he would enjoy himself. As soon as they landed, I knew I shouldn't have been worried. He had the biggest ear splittling grin on his face and quickly announced that he too had taken the controls of the airplane! Wow! I'm so pleased he was brave enough to go.

I loved watching each of them take their turn but no I did not take a turn myself! I have a phobia about heights and find it hard enough to get into a big jet to fly there and back let alone climb into a small airplane. I politely declined that offer!

Anyway, I hope the description of that exciting day makes up for the fact that I initially wrote such a short post about our trip. It's difficult to make visiting with family sound exciting. We did have a nice time though. Now it's back to reality and some serious dieting!

Bye for now.
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