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We're here for you


I agree with everything Linda (ladyinmaille) and Cheryl (BLTN Mom) so eloquently expressed.

I feel so badly for you. I'm sad to hear that you are hurting and depressed. The stress you are under is considerable and proves how strong you are because you are coping.

Has your daughter had her severe pain diagnosed yet? What a worry that must be. What about her knee surgery? Has that been postponed until the pain in her side is diagnosed and treated? Once she gets all her medical problems sorted, then she will be able to devote all her attention to her nurses training and you will be able to concentrate on yourself more.

What a heartbreaking decision that must have been to sign your granddaughter over to the state for treatment she needs. I applaud you for making such a tough decision. You must know it was right for your granddaughter and you were doing the best thing you could do under such circumstances. Your grd. will benefit from professional counselling and will be grateful to you over the course of time.

Again, I'm so very sorry to hear about all the stressful events in your life right now. I hope that our friendship and support here will offer some comfort to you. We really do care.

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