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Originally Posted by ellenmelon
You know you're from PA when you see blaze orange and camo as a fashion color for teen girls.

My daughter once got her deer at 8 am, then waited for dad to get his (at noon), then hiked 3 miles out of the woods dragging her 90 pounds of deer (she weighs all of 120 lbs herself), put on her pointe shoes and went to a 5 hour ballet rehearsal.

She won't tell her ballet friends what she was doing that morning.

Scrapple is okay to eat. Just scraps of meat mixed with cornmeal and some spices. You can make it yourself if you think the scraps of meat are too questionable in ready made. Like making polenta, chill, slice, and fry.

And yes, ketchup is the spice of choice with scrapple, although DH likes maple syrup.
Hi Ellenmelon, What part of Pa. are you from? I'm from SW Pa. --Beaver County.

I have no idea what Scrapple is all about. Funny, I've never heard of it.

Another funny thing this year I was comparing school days off with my nephews who still live in PA--I live in NC now. They had an extra day off during a holiday vacation and everyone here was saying that was so strange---until I read the BC Times online and remembered that it was the first day of deer season. LOL!


They have no idea what "dippy" eggs are here, either. ( They always over cook eggs here too. )

I am getting used to the warmer Winters here though.

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