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I have often wondered about that physics principle I learned about in high school, you know, the one about how there is limited matter in the universe and it just takes one form or another...

Well, where does all this stuff, free napkins, holiday items reduced, new kinds of plastics, etc come from? Are we finding new ways of splitting atoms to make new stuff?

If we waste what we have, free or not, then we will create a demand for more of the stuff. And if there really is a limited amount of matter in the universe, are we really going to want to spend it on making more napkins because we have used up the free ones?

I am advocating being thrifty even in the free stuff. I want the universal atom recycling business to produce more interesting things than more buffet food than we need or more napkins!

(Tongue in cheek, it is after all almost 3 am).
Ellen in PA

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