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Stuffed Hearts
Lunch sized paper bag
Red acrylic paint
Paint brush
What to Do:
1. Cut out two identical hearts from the paper bag.
o cut the bottom of the bag off, and then cut down one side to make a large sheet. Then we cut the paper in half, put the two halves together and folded them in half. This way we could cut two identical hearts at the same time by cutting a half heart on the fold.
2. Put the two hearts together and staple all the way around them, leaving a three inch (more or less) space open on one side. This will make a little pocket.
The staples should line up close together about a quarter of an inch from the edge of the paper. This doesn't have to be exact, but it looks better when it's pretty uniform.
3. Crumple up pieces of newspaper and put them through the hole you left in the staples. Do this until the heart is as stuffed as you want it to be. When you're satisfied, staple the hole closed.
4. Paint both sides of your stuffed heart with red acrylic paint. You may want to paint one side, let it dry, then paint the other to make it less messy.

Rolling Art Heart
Red and white tempura paint
Large white paper heart doily
Red construction paper
Golf ball
Shallow pan (We used a disposable aluminum baking pan)
What to Do:
1. Put the doily in the bottom of the shallow pan.
2. Put a couple of drops of red and white paint in the middle of the doily. Put the golf ball in the pan and roll it around.
When it goes through the paint, it picks up some of the paint and drags it around the doily. The colors mix and make different shades of pink. Keep doing this until the child is satisfied with what it looks like. Lightly sprinkle it with glitter.
Carefully take it out of the pan to let it dry. If you leave it in the pan it will stick and might tear the doily when you try to remove it. Below is a closeup from the heart above to give you an idea of how it will look. Sorry the picture isn't better!

3. Once the doily is dry, glue it onto a piece of red construction paper. Cut around the heart to make a red border around the doily. (I used a pair of decorative scissors for the picture above, but this isn't necessary.
Kids absolutely love rolling around that silly golf ball! If you want to make this craft more elaborate, you can add other decorations, write a something over the top of the doily, or whatever else you can think of.
I like to leave this plain so that you can see the texture of the paint. Besides, most kids don't want to cover up their art with other stuff when they see how neat it looks!
One other variation... you can forget about using the doily at all and just use a piece of construction paper. That will really show off the texture that the golf ball leaves behind.
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