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Colorful Be Mine
colorful and fun way to ask your special Valentine to be yours. This is a fun project for younger and older children alike because it allows them to combine colors and paint any kind of shapes they want.

1 Basket coffee filter
Watercolor paints
Paint brush
Permanent Black Marker
Decorative edge scissors (optional)
What to Do:
1. Lay the coffee filter out as flat as possible. Use your paint brush to wet the entire surface. It doesn't need to be dripping wet, just damp.
2. Paint the wet filter with the watercolors. You can paint something specific or just use random colors the way we did in our example. When you like what you've painted, let it dry completely.
3. Fold the painted coffee filter in half and cut out a heart.
4. Glue the coffee filter heart on top of a red piece of construction paper.
5. Cut around the heart to make a red border around the filter. (Use the decorative scissors for this optionally.)
6. Use the permanent black marker to write "Be Mine" in the middle of the heart, then use it to put the stitching detail around the edge of the filter. The stitching is a simple dashed line.
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