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chuckle The Ball

Hello, I cant really say how long it will take. It depends on the shape you are in now, consistence, and diet. If we eat unhealthy no matter how much we work out it will never show thru. We first have to get laayers of fat gone before we can see the true beauty of muscles underneath. (That are probably in great shape now). I still have some fat that i need to get rid of on the tummy area, do to the stretch of having 2 children,this is no easy task, but I still work at it, even when I feel yucky.
If you arent sure you want to invest in a ball yet, you might try Pilates, it uses your pwerhouse, (your stomach) to control movements, I love this. It has helped my tummy get a little smaller and my legs looking lean. If only mu tummy would catch up to the rest of me getting tone. I am not to far from being where I want to be (though its hard on particular days when I feel like a blimp) and this is by far a hard task(workingout and watching what I eat). But its the best for our body's. The ball exercise uses muscles you dont even know you have. I feel like I get more of a challenge with this then the free weights, lets just say I break more of a sweat using the ball as resistence (of course I am following the exercise in Self magazine). But you can also invest in free weights and get toning. It really depends on what you feel more comfortable with. I have all 3 and use them all, I switch routine ever so often, keeps my muscels guessing and working harder with diferent positions. Good luck, feel free to email me with anything else you need. [email protected]
Take Care and God Bless
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